N.O.W. with T. Lyn (Nuggets Of Wisdom)

Coming Full Circle @ Home in New Home Again

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 Faith comes by hearing.  You’ll find the best lucky 88 pokie free download here, you have time to get it! Since a you were child, you’ve been hearing the words of family and friends: taking them in to your conscious and unconscious.  Go to our website and get 50 lions free pokies. Hurry up to go and start winning. Those words set up a thought process in your mind.  It’s called a “Mindset”.  Your mind became set on those words you took in.  They fueled your decisions and reactions.  If you were fortunate, those words were inspired by God.  They were words of comfort, joy, and inspiration: imparting confidence and destiny in you.  Most of us were not that fortunate.  We were filled with words of despair, failure and hopelessness. We were filled with lies.  Those words were lies because they were not from God.  No matter what lies you have been tricked to believe.  There is hope.  God STILL has a plan to give you a hope and a future.  Take HIs hand today and FULLY commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Telling stories based on God’s truths and principles in the form of poetry: giving hope in times of spiritual testing; pointing the way to Jesus Christ as Lord; and showing how to have a deeply profound relationship with the Sovereign God.
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