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All White Birthday Event May 5, 2017

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Ministered at an All White Birthday Celebration for a wonderful gentleman, Apostle Elect James Thomas. While there, I met Palmer Williams, Jr. of House of Payne.  I was extremely impressed with him and became and instant fan when I witnessed that after his performance, he assisted the caterers with serving the dinner plates.  Such humility coming from someone of his stature in the entertainment industry.  How many guests of honor would have done THAT?


Picture two of performance

Picture two of performance

picture 3 of performance

picture 3 of performance

Beautiful Decor

picture 4 of performance

Waiting for guests to arrive

picture 5 of performance

My Baby Girl, Donalyn, accompanied me

picture 6 of performance

Actor Palmer Williams, Jr., of House of Payne

picture 7 of performance

The man of the hour, Apostle Elect James Thomas (left)

picture 8 of performance

Poetic Storytelling at All White Event


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Telling stories based on God’s truths and principles in the form of poetry: giving hope in times of spiritual testing; pointing the way to Jesus Christ as Lord; and showing how to have a deeply profound relationship with the Sovereign God.
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