Book Cover

How I Became Daddy’s Little Girl to a Sovereign God

A Transformational Book

Through the testimony of the spiritual journey of T. Lyn, this book will facilitate women, young and old, into a deeper, more personal spiritual connection with the Sovereign God of Heaven:

Poetic Storytelling

T. Lyn is available for bookings to perform her life changing poetic stories.

Writing & Producing

T. Lyn offers the audience a way toward having a profoundly deep relationship with God

Super Powers T

Represent God’s Word with this original, signature design by T. Lyn Compositions

What Clients Say…

  • T. Lyn, The Ready Writer, has been a blessing and an inspiration to me.  Her works share the word and love of God.  It is evident that God uses this vessel to bless His people.–Rev. Chrissell Rhone, Pastor Asst. Greater Evergreen, New Orleans, LA

  • When you did your poetic expression at Berean for the talent night, it was amazing to hear and when citing your piece, you and The Lord had everyone’s attention.  It was awesome.–Minister Sharon Watkins, Worship Leader

  • I was very impressed with Ms. Davis’ work.  She is very talented and very passionate for God.  The anointing that’s on her is very powerful.  God is using her to touch lives.–Nicole Miller-Robinson, Educator, Douglassville, Georgia

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